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Joint Letter (Plexus Information Services x Omidyar)

Dear Reader: 

Year round, we are fueled by a mission to shift the deficit narrative of Black founders to a positive light. The annual Black Tech Effect report is our opportunity to not only address the evident challenges Black innovators face within our ecosystem but also celebrate their often smothered brilliance, perseverance, and creative pathways to success.


The staggering amount of great work emerging in Black tech this year made narrowing the list of startups to 100 challenging—but it was nevertheless exciting to explore. Ensuring a comprehensive analysis, we heard and implemented your feedback regarding the inclusion of Black-tech startups in nontraditional markets and verticals as well as global representation.


With an intentional focus on how Black innovators are taking up space within their respective markets, we have gained invaluable insight on the trajectory of Black tech progression. Organizations like ACT House, TechStars, Goodie Nation, Black Ambition, Black Innovation Alliance and many other resource groups have made this possible.


To our 2024 Black Tech Effect founders: Congratulations! We see you. We stand with you. We celebrate you!


Always forward,


Tayler J. James

Director of Research, Plexus

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